Yoga With Leo



"Leo’s 6-week Mentorship program gave me the opportunity to refine my teaching skills in a safe environment. The program was filled with gold nuggets to facilitate my role as a Yoga Teacher. Leo is an amazing teacher, and assists the learner to create his or her own personal learning plan.  Thank you Leo for giving me the toolsm to be an authentic, and knowledgeable Yoga Teacher!"

- Ingrid Harrison RN, RYT 200


"Everybody needs a 200 hour to teach but the real learning begins when I stepped in front of my first class.  This is when I learned the questions I should have asked in my 200 hour training.  Having weekly meetings with Leo gave me the opportunity to ask those questions and to work one on one in the areas where I needed more confidence and experience.  I had lots of opportunity to practice teaching skills like sequencing and dialogue and verbal cues.  Leo is very skilled at teaching multi level classes and he helped me take those skills into my teaching.  I enjoyed the group mentorship because it gave me the opportunity to connect with other new teachers and share in our feelings about this journey - it made me feel not alone on this path.  I also enjoyed having more people to practice teaching with and share ideas."

- Jen Adi RYT 500


"Leo's 6 week Mentorship Course is brilliant!  Leo uses both his skill and compassion to create a dynamic, fun and informative environment to truly examine and improve one's teaching style and methods.  Classes with take home notes, power point and lots of hands-on practice help everyone feel comfortable to challenge, learn and work on specific individual areas and then continue that development together as a group. This in turn helps build genuine confidence in oneself as a yoga teacher with inspiring classes to share!"

- Leslie McCall RYT 200


“I have been lucky enough to work with Leo for the last 2 months. In this short time I have gained a great deal of confidence and I know that I have become a better teacher. I am more concise, present, and knowledgeable about basic and refined alignment. This has led to very happy returning students, they much appreciate the style and care that Leo has helped me cultivate.

It has been wonderful working with Leo, he is a yoga nerd (I say this in the most loving way!) but never pretentious, he has a great deal of knowledge to share but never overwhelms me with unnecessary information. I always leave our sessions with a class plan that I feel proud to teach; an excellent understanding of the postures I am teaching and HOW to teach them; and a deeper understanding of my own yoga practice. Leo is supportive, fun, knowledgeable and inspiring, I will continue to work with him as a mentee and I highly recommend him.”     

Kelly Ebbers RYT 200 


" After finishing my first 200 hour teacher training, I found myself asking the question- What’s next? Having all the tools and knowledge of a teacher, but not yet comfortable to apply them, I went looking into a mentorship program. I heard many positive stories about Leo through his involvement with Lululemon, and decided to take his class. Immediately I connected with his teaching style. His presence is powerful, yet approachable which made it easy for us to connect. Throughout our weeks together my program was moulded by my goals that we discussed on our first meeting.

After practicing with Leo I find myself listening for cues that motivate me, and taking mental notes of things I pick up on in other teachers classes, I am constantly looking to improve my teaching. I have gained so much confidence in myself as a teacher and have been given great teaching opportunities with help from Leo! Through his incredible knowledge, inspiring cuing, and humour, Leo’s teaching ignited an advance in mine."      

- Melanie Palis RYT 200


“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Leo to deepen my yoga practice and it was a wonderful learning experience. Right from the first session together, he carefully listened to my limitations and knew exactly how he could foster my growth in those areas. His innate fire and passion for yoga was exactly what I needed to help balance my more yin nature and my mind,body and spirit grew from his energy and support.

Each practice had deep wisdom to accompany it, honouring the true meaning of yoga, and would always be taught with kindness, patience, strength and care. I am so thankful for the experience, for his guidance and friendship.”        

 - Haley Gursoy