Yoga With Leo

Teacher's Circle

A Yoga Community for
Personal & Professional Support and Development

Many yoga teachers have expressed the need for community but are unable to find one or have one that meets their needs. Teachers experience feelings of separateness and isolation and feel they do not have very many people to relate to about their concerns or insecurities. We often work independently and communicate online and thus we require a community that interacts face to face. In order to stay connected and passionate about teaching, it is incredibly important for teachers to be a part of a community, to have a sense of belonging and to be heard and understood in the challenges and breakthroughs that commonly occur on the path.

What is a Teacher's Circle?:
A community of committed yoga teachers who meet once a week to actively support one another in their personal and professional development.

Who is it for?:
Yoga teachers who are currently teaching or those who want to do so.

What happens in a Teacher's Circle?:

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Openly share about your experiences of teaching yoga
  • Be a part of an ongoing yoga teacher community
  • Receive honest support and feedback
  • Receive guidance from an experienced mentor
  • Engage in exercises that build confidence, rapport, and personal boundaries
  • Claim your fears and doubt so that they do not own you
  • Witness and be witnessed by others non-judgmentally
  • Discover your mission, vision and core values
  • Learn practical teaching techniques (both soft and hard skills)
  • Learn marketing and business strategies for building your career
  • Create meaningful relationships and a strong network of teachers


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