Yoga With Leo

What is a Private Session?

A private session involves working with me, one to one. During the sessions, you will be given a focused program that addresses your personal goals.



These sessions are focused on enhancing your body's range of motion through a system called Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC®. This approach is developed through scientific principles and research and is based on using passive flexibility and active strength to teach the nervous system how to control newly acquired ranges of motion. The benefits of this is not only in flexibility and mobility, but also in creating joint stability, articular health and longevity and performance enhancement such as agility, power and speed. For more details - FRC website


These sessions are focused on using the system of yoga (postures, breath and mindfulness techniques) as an approach to achieving physical, emotional and mental well-being. Alignment cues, subtle adjustments, pose benefits and explanation, personal guidance and modifications will be provided to improve your performance and experience of this practice. Depending on your goals, these sessions can help with cultivating self-esteem and confidence, relieve stress and tension, develop calmness and peace of mind and your health and well-being.

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Reason why private sessions are beneficial?

  • Be in a private environment
  • Experience accelerated development by learning proper technique that's effective for your body
  • Develop a stronger commitment to your health by being held accountable to practicing
  • Receive personalized attention to correct structural misalignment. This will help address current injuries and prevent future ones
  • Learn poses and exercises that you can easily do on your own - ex. release tension in low back or shoulder, strengthen your core, hip opening, improve your posture
  • Choose a flexible time or place that fits your busy schedule