Yoga With Leo

One to one - MENTORSHIP

Many teachers who have the desire to teach or to further their career avoid doing so because of a lack of confidence. To achieve confidence, one must have the necessary skills to feel competent or the fear of failure will override your motivation to take action.

The common complaints are not having enough practice and knowledge of how to cue properly, how to create effective sequences, knowing what is safe to teach, mirroring, presence in the room, etc - all of which are necessary components to teaching yoga. 

By working together, one on one in a mentorship, we will outline your goals, discuss tangible ways to achieve success, give you encouragement and support, while holding you accountable to taking action. I will walk you, step by step, through the simple process that builds confidence as a teacher.

Each session will include multiple teaching exercises to develop your skills and you will receive relevant feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. The mentorship will offer time to resolve topics of teaching such as:

  • Sequence to beginners, all-levels & intermediate students
  • Save time when class planning
  • Develop fluency in your languaging & cueing
  • Theme with authenticity & eloquence
  • Offer effective verbal & hands-on adjustments
  • Tackle fear & limiting beliefs about being a teacher
  • Build rapport & connection with your students and have them come back
  • Promote your offerings on newsletters & social media with integrity
  • Establish meaningful relationships that provide teaching opportunities
  • Create a professional & affordable website in less than a day
  • And more...