Yoga With Leo

The Expansive Expression
Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

3 Months commitment to an integrative path of yoga teaching and personal practice 


This long-term mentorship is for the yoga teacher keen on elevating their experience of teaching and their offering to students.


  - to assist teachers in transitioning from teacher training into the studio,
-   to develop a strong sense of self in personal practice and your role as the teacher,
-   to overcome pitfalls and plateaus
-   to inspire creativity and confidence through personal growth and community
-   to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with fellow teachers and the yoga community. 



- Refining the teaching of Alignment Based Class and Vinyasa Flow
-   Sequencing, Props, Demonstration
- Effective Verbal Adjustments and Affirmations
- Skill of Observation and “Seeing” the Students
- Transitions, modifications
- Optimizing Class planning


- Goal Settings, Accountability and the Art of Manifestation
- Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Debilitating Fears
- Managing the Mind
- Debunking Teaching Myths


- The Four Pillars of Personal Practice: Asana, Meditation, Self-Study & Right Diet
- Establishing a Consistent Home Practice
- Morning and Evening Rituals


- Use of Voice, Intonation and Pacing
- Effective Languaging and Cuing
- Understanding Your Role as a Teacher
- Power Positions and Commanding the Room
- Navigating the Roles of Student, Teacher & Community Leader


Over the 3 months, you will have the opportunity to work one on one with me as your mentor in private sessions and weekly coaching calls — to learn the technical and practical aspects of teaching. Many opportunities will be given to teach and hone your craft. You will receive valuable feedback to grow in the weekend intensive workshops.

It is important to have community as support. Along with the teacher-student relationship, there will be lots of strategic opportunities to, relate and bond with other mentees. Group learning will be facilitated through yoga field trip excursions and peer led group projects to develop leadership, communication and community building.

To enhance your confidence, we will develop an understanding of limiting beliefs and personal fears about teaching through on-going discussion, reflection and collective support. Teaching yoga can sometimes be a solitary endeavour. Safe space will be created for you and your fellow mentees to connect on shared experiences and broaden perspectives about the learning that comes from teaching. Video and reading materials will continually inspire and motivate you on the path.


Returning in Fall 2015!


Teachers Development Workshop                                        3 X (3 hrs)
One on One Mentorship Sessions                                         3 X (90mins)
One on One Coaching Calls                                                  12 X (30mins)
Yoga Field Excursions                                                             3 X (Evening)
Peer led group projects                                                          3 X (Evening)
& Teaching development reading materials and video



This program is limited to 6 student

Please email to set up an initial meeting where you can ask questions and find out whether this is the right program for you.